How to Play Instagram's Secret Emoji Game

Looking for a fun way to spice up your DMs? Enter the secret emoji game on Instagram! Available on both iOS and Android, this quirky little game is tucked away in the direct message feature of the platform, providing users with a playful diversion while chatting with friends or anxiously awaiting replies from the celebrities they're low-key stalking.  

How to Play

1. Start a direct message (DM) chat on Instagram.

2. Send an emoji of your choice and tap on it to begin the game. (I prefer using the caterpillar emoji because it transforms into a butterfly emoji.)

3. You'll be taken to a yellow screen with a movable platform and your selected emoji.

4. Keep your emoji afloat by bouncing it with the platform, controlled by sliding your finger from side to side.

5. As you accumulate points, the game will get more challenging with faster emoji movement and a darker background color.

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