Viral post claims Russian kid learned Tagalog from watching ABS-CBN series on iPad

A viral post on X (formerly Twitter) claims that a seven-year-old Russian learned to speak Tagalog from watching a Filipino TV series on YouTube without subtitles.

In response to a trending video of a child endlessly scrolling through memes on 4chan, user @fa86983 stated:

Please don’t give your children iPads. One of my nieces, a 7-year-old who has never been outside of the Caucasus, began speaking Tagalog. We couldn’t converse with her. I went through her YouTube history and it turned out she’d been watching a 16+ Filipino vampire drama series.

The author then disclosed the series in question:

La Luna Sangre if anyone’s interested 🫶🏻

La Luna Sangre is a 2017 horror-fantasy drama television series produced and broadcast by ABS-CBN. The third and final installment of the Lobo trilogy, it starred Kathryn Bernardo, Daniel Padilla, Richard Gutierrez, and Angel Locsin.

When queried by user @la_banderarojo about whether their niece watched La Luna Sangre with Russian or Arabic subtitles or no subtitles at all, the author responded, "neither!" "So no subtitles?" [sic] @la_banderarojo inquired again. The author affirmed.

Another user interjected, mentioning the availability of both English dubbed and subbed versions on YouTube, to which the author replied, "My niece doesn’t speak English at all. Not even a little bit. Neither version would’ve aided her."

As of this writing, there is no video evidence showing the author’s niece, who is said to be a native speaker of Chechen, actually speaking Tagalog. When asked if her niece can still speak it, the author responded, "she can’t form full sentences anymore."

Acquiring a new language in this manner is intriguing. However, what's particularly notable is the fact that a seven-year-old is being permitted to watch a show not intended for children.


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